Let's chat about...

Almost anything? Below are some of my favorite topics. Email me at isaac@ike.io to get the conversation started!


I am a firm believer that you don't have to push the global limits of human achievement to be an excellent explorer. I am really into strange expeditions with arbitrary constraints, old technology, and creative results. I love trips that seek silence and deep observation of natural phenomena. I worked for several years as a volunteer Search and Rescue operator in southern Washington. If you are planning an expedition or want to go over planning, gear, or destinations, let's chat!


I love talking about and comparing poetry. If you are interested in discussing a poetics, craft, comparing poets and poems, I would love to chat with you. I love writing that focuses on our relationship with the natural world. Some of my favorite authors include Joy Harjo, Jim Harrison, Wendell Berry, Octavia Butler, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Peter Matthiessen.


I am a novice boatbuilder and all-around river rat. I love rowing, motoring, and paddling the Columbia River, and I am almost always building or fixing a boat or outboard of some kind. If you're a fellow nautical nut, please do drop me a line.


I really like meeting people who are passionate about a topic outside their tech work, and bring that topic into their technical craft. I have long experience with rebuilding legacy applications in new frameworks, and I think a lot about how to make application rebuilds successful. I am passionate about the importance of non-technical domain experts in software design. If you're a passionate person or you have a project with a purpose, we should talk.

Some of my favorite topics (of a very many):

  • jugaad technology
  • p2p and decentralized technology (especially SSB)
  • indieweb and personal data ownership
  • legacy application longevity
  • translating technology for non-technical audiences