Let's chat!

Hey! I really like meeting people who are passionate about something – almost anything. I also like hearing about projects that have a reason to exist other than profit or fame. If you're a passionate person or you have a project with a purpose, we should talk!

Some of the things I'm great at:

  • full-stack web development
  • technical leadership
  • search-and-rescue, navigation, maps
  • business strategy, development, market research
  • event design, production
  • research, writing, public speaking

Some of my favorite topics (of a very many):

  • jugaad technology
  • wilderness, public lands, conservation
  • p2p and decentralized technology (especially SSB)
  • indieweb and personal data ownership
  • climate change resilience
  • sustainability, farming, and self-sufficiency
  • local government, democratic confederalism
  • longevity-focused business
  • anything (and everything) nautical

I'd love to meet you. Feel free to reach out at isaac@ike.io. What are you all about?