Playlist: Northwest Passage

Northwest Passage is evidence of my newfound love of Canadian country and folk music. I had always loved Bruce Cockburn, but after meeting Stan Rogers I went into a deep dive. This list is best enjoyed near water, preferably salty, with a brisk breeze.

Playlist: Get Pump

Get Pump is my collection of hip hop that makes life feel possible, like you're gonna kick it. It helps to play this loud when heading to that client meeting that's not gonna go well (s/o to Karen).

Stay gold.

Playlist: Lung Cancer and Other Panaceas

Lung Cancer is a collection of music that reminds me of one of my favorite people. Cody was cleaning up while he lived with my folks, and since I was pirating plenty of music back then, he had me fill up his new iPod with his favorites. For maximum relaxation, enjoy this mix of grunge, alt, and so-cal with a Corona in the sun.