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Isaac Lewis

Isaac Lewis

Resetting a Corrupted Docker Network on Windows

Docker for Windows uses a few Windows Containers features to provide networking to Docker containers. Sometimes (usually bad shutdowns, killing host VM, etc) those networks can be corrupted. An example error you might encounter is: Error response from daemon: HNS failed with error : The object already exists. These kinds of…

What I've Learned About Threat Modeling

Threat modeling is a crucial activity for anybody working in software, but for somebody just starting out, it’s super intimidating. What do you search for? What’s the goal of threat modeling? Why should I care?…

Cutting Trail Above Pestriak Point

My machete drips
Green foam
My boots crush pulp of
Devil’s club, fireweed,
Roses, elderberry,
Pushki spraying sap,

From below,
The new mountain path
Winds up slow.

I rest my juice-covered arms.
The sea is pinned taut.
Chest-high green
Slopes double black
To a wall of spruce.
An eagle
A tiny prick of black and white
Below us, above the bay.
Flies stick to my machete.

Stilled, I turn to again.
Here, we gather wrack
From an ancient

Originally appeared in Hawk & Handsaw: Journal of Creative Sustainability

A GPU-accelerated terminal emulator? Why!?

My terminal has be extremely slow lately. Every few minutes, it will hang – just slightly. The lag is like a cheese grater on my mind, distracting me and pulling me out of the zone. Pasting large text or opening large files slows the entire terminal down to a crawl, and…

Jim Harrison on Dreams

Only a culture like ours would discount a third of their lives.

– Jim Harrison, on dreams

Hyas Lake

Great backpacking trip to Hyas Lake for a long weekend. First time to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area and could not have asked for a better trip. Got to the trailhead at 3pm on a Friday, left at around 1pm on Sunday.…