One More Day


This is my first international trip. I like packing light, but it is a challenge to pack light for something you haven't experienced before.

This is not my brother's first international trip. His packing sense comes from months of pure grit and privation in foreign languages. I could not say how many socks he's packed, and I am uncertain that he could tell you either. He keeps his feet dry with his limitless resourcefulness.

I have taken the wash-in-the-sink strategy. I have a three sets of everything, and everything dries quickly. My whole kit fits in a duffel, which gives us more room for camera equipment and an oxygen generation system. The oxygen system is a last-minute addition to our trip. We've stowed the parts throughout our bags, and are hoping they don't arouse too much attention.

One more day of work and meetings, a few errands, and we'll be trying get enough sleep before 20-odd hours of flying. As always, we'll keep you posted.