The Indieweb

The Indieweb

So, here it goes.

A couple things happened at Realtime Conf that sparked my move to the #indieweb. One of them was a talk given by Amber Case called “The Open Web and the Opportunity of Now”. You need to simply sit down and watch it, but the tl;dr goes like “get out there, use what’s already been written, own your data, and build cool things”.

The Open Web and the Opportunity of Now - Amber Case

As soon as I heard that talk, I knew I needed to sit down and finally get my online presence wrangled together, starting with my personal blog. My persona online has been growing and becoming more fragmented very rapidly, which, despite the convenience of all those accounts and services, still left me feeling unsettled and uneasy. So far I’ve:

  • moved this blog off of tumblr
  • quit facebook
  • downloaded tons of data from many of my social sites, and
  • figured out a plan for finally lassoing my persona into one place,

The second thing that started this ‘homesteading’ itch (have you watched the talk yet?), was more of a nagging zeitgeist feeling. I haven’t nailed it down, but I have this notion that we’re embarking on something big right now. I think we’d better buckle up.