Jimmy Furey

“I was conceited enough to think that I could do it”

– Jimmy Furey, master boatbuilder on the river Shannon in Ireland.

Wallula Gap

WTA Trip Report

Beautiful day to wander the Wallula trails. The trails are not marked in the most obvious manner, but the main trails are in great condition and looked recently maintained.

I was able to traverse from this trailhead to Two Sisters, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you haven’t done much scrambling. Also, it’s super easy to end up on private land — do some digging on your favorite public land map before attempting to traverse across the park.

Lots of small chutes that were handy for getting up and down off the buttes
Retrospective trespassing sign

Also, you’ll be bushwhacking thru goat heads. Have fun!!Saw a few people near Two Sisters, but otherwise had  the whole place to myself. I didn’t see any snakes, but there were lots of fire ants. I got one single sting, which was odd. Usually they hunt in packs.

Two Sisters from the north
Two sisters from the west

Solar Powered Website

Low-tech Magazine was born in 2007 and has seen minimal changes ever since. Because a website redesign was long overdue — and because we try to practice what we preach — we decided to build a low-tech, self-hosted, and solar-powered version of Low-tech Magazine. The new blog is designed to radically reduce the energy use associated with accessing our content.

Great setup for solar powered website that responds to huge demand with no noticeable lag. Even better, the website is straight up my alley, never heard of it before. Check it out!

The Lathe of Heaven

The quality of the will to power is, precisely, growth. Achievement is  its cancellation. To be, the will to power must increase with each  fulfillment, making the fulfillment only a step to a further one. The  vaster the power gained the vaster the appetite for more.

-Ursula K. Le Guin, from The Lathe of Heaven

Robert Penn Warren

[T]he self is never to be found, but must be created, not the happy accident of passivity, but the product of a thousand actions, large and small, conscious or unconscious, performed not “away from it all,” but in the face of “it all,” for better or for worse, in work and leisure rather than in free time.

The self is a style of being, continually expanding in a vital process of definition, affirmation, revision, and growth, a process that is the image, we may say, of the life process of a healthy society itself.

– Robert Penn Warren

Barbara Follett

The old canoe was full of grub. Nothing to worry about,  then; nothing to do but paddle. When we came to a good place, we stopped  and swam. It was a peaceful, swinging life, full of sunshine, without  special adventure. It needed no adventure beyond itself.

– Barbara Newhall Follett